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A food & beverage franchise concept originating from Singapore, Dsumptuous Holdings (M). We present the first ever Halal Asian Takeaway Franchise in Malaysia. Asian and Chinese takeaway food kiosks are already made popular in countries such as Europe & the United States. In this era of fast-paced living, consumers are generally on the lookout for delectable, quality halal cuisine which are prepared and served quickly. This can be found in our neighborhood fast food joints which typically serve western food.


At D’Sumptuous, we serve savory and tasty Halal Dim Sum ranging from a variety of flavors from Otah Dim Sum to Salted Egg & Black Pepper. In Malaysia, there is huge and strong demand for Halal Dim Sum, however, it can be quite a challenge for consumers to hunt for Halal Dim Sum & similar Chinese cuisine. At the same time, D’Sumptuous offers traditional Fried Asian favourites, including our signature Mom’s Samosa & Spring Rolls. D’Sumptuous provides a convenient avenue for all Halal dim sum & Asian food lovers!




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